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The menswear scene in Singapore is generally not as ‘blooming’ as the ladies’.

And we have to admit that generally in Singapore, the ratio of women who pays attention to their dressing is much larger than guys. Hence the supply for men fashion is really limited on this little island.

That said, there are still a good handful of menswear labels in Singapore.

That is also the primary objective of MenswearSingapore.com; that is to provide you guys with a one stop information hub for both online and offline shopping in Singapore, as well as tips when buying these wears.

Shop Menswear in Singapore


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The men fashion scene in Singapore might be dominated by Female wear, that doesn’t mean guys were left to hang dry.

We have complied a list of places in Singapore where you can find different styles and categories of men apparel and accessories. In our comprehensive list, you can find brands that range from well-known brands like A&F, Zara, Topman, to fast fashion brands like H&M & Uniqlo and local labels in Singapore!

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Shop Menswear Online

Shop menswear online

For guys who’ve tried shopping for menswear in Singapore, but are looking for more; we have also worked out a list of online shopping web stores for you. This list is also useful if you are too lazy to hit the stores and try the shirts on.

This list is also helpful for guys who’ve tried the clothes but just prefer to make purchases online (maybe to look for discounts, to earn credit card points or simply to enjoy delivery to your doorstep).

Whichever the case, the list we’ve compiled will definitely satisfy your shopping pleasure.

We’ve grouped the list into 2 categories: Local and overseas. We’ve also tried to include overseas sites with free shipping to Singapore.

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Shop Local Menswear Labels


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There are many local menswear label in Singapore that not many people are aware of.

These brands beat the odds and decided to do something for the men fashion communities in Singapore.

As a site dedicated to being a one stop resource hub for all men fashion in the context of Singapore, it is only right that we compile this comprehensive list of local labels in Singapore.

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