2 Men Fashion Instagrammers To Follow Now

Fashion-forward men’s Instagram

Hitting the ‘Explore’ tab on Instagram reveals a myriad of fashionable social media influencers.

Dependent on your inclination towards a certain fashion style, there are many influencers to gain inspiration from. However, the disparity between the number of female and male fashion ‘Instagrammers’ is pretty jarring.

After some stalking, we’ve found a few Singaporean male fashion represent for you to give a ‘follow’!



darylaidenPerhaps better known as one-half of online fashion brand Everyday People (@everydaypeople.co), Daryl’s personal Instagram account should not be overlooked.

Always believed that you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to look good?

Daryl challenges that notion. Showing you how you can look good in affordable brands such as Uniqlo (check out #darylxuniqlo), being fashionable doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag.

Counting fellow fashion forward social media influencers Andrea Chong (@dreachong) and Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang) as close friends, birds of the same feather indeed flock together.

Unsure of how to take the perfect OOTD after gaining inspiration on what to wear? Daryl periodically uploads his OOTDs, especially during his travels.

Daryl also features mouth-watering food on his Instagram, check out the places that he introduces in your newfound style.

Check out Daryl’s Instagram account here

darylaiden 1

Photo Credit: @darylaiden


collingohCo-founder of A for Arcade (@aforarcade) Collin Goh’s personal Instagram is his platform that gives us a glimpse to his everyday life.

Fashion is a big part of his life and that comes through via the pictures.

There is a really good mix of different styles, from casual wear to a more spruced up look. And the attention to detail is appreciated.

Fans of shoes rejoice – a good number of pictures show his emphasis of shoes. Dress shoes, sneakers and sports shoes fill the squares.

A for Arcade has one of the greater selections of menswear at an affordable price.

Can’t find the piece that you are eyeing on his Instagram? Your best bet is that you could find something similar or equally trendy on this online menswear shop.

Fans of the shop can also use this channel to see the behind the scenes of the label.

Check out Collin’s Instragram account here


collingoh 1

Photo credit: @collingoh

With these inspiration, time to start shopping and find your own style to fill your Instagram account.

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Start shopping, get dressed, and start shooting and posting!

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