3 Places To Find Affordable Men’s Office Wear

Affordable Men’s Office Wear

Frustrated at the lack of options for men’s office wear?

More precisely, affordable men’s office wears?

Fret not, we’re here to help you look smart at work and be the envy of all your colleagues!

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Zalora-logo-blackOffering a great range of affordable men’s office wear and a huge bonus – all at your fingertips.

Besides launching its own affordable menswear line, they also carry brands such as TopMan, Mango Man, Burton Menswear London and Flesh Imp.

With such a variety, there is definitely something for everyone.

Dress shoes and accessories such as watches can also be found on the website, helping you complete your look effortlessly. Shop after-work (or during work) and get your items delivered to your doorstep.

The best thing about Zalora would be it’s refund policy, should the clothes not live up to your expectations, simply return it and you will get your money refunded, not questions asked.

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H_M_LOGOPopular fast fashion brand H&M should not be just brushed off as a casual wear brand; they offer their take on shirts, blazers and pants too.

Crisp office appropriate shirts start from $19.90 and with a myriad of colours and design; you will be able to fill your wardrobe with options for Monday to Friday easily.

Most importantly, update your wardrobe and not burn too big a hole in your wallet.

For those that are willing to shell out more for better quality office wear, H&M also carries a ‘Premium Quality’ collection.


uniqlo-logoPersonally, we find that Uniqlo is always a great place to start when you are looking for something.

Definitely office wear. Uniqlo carries a great line of oxford shirts in almost every colour imaginable – so you can wear a blue shirt to literally wear your Monday blues or a pink shirt to bring you from the office to the party on Friday nights.

Besides the crisp oxford shirts, what’s highly recommended would be the ‘Super non-iron’ shirts.

An upgrade from the ‘Easy care’ shirts, these are a dream.

Hit the snooze button a few more times in the morning just cause you don’t have to spend those precious morning minutes carefully ironing the shirts.

The ‘Super non-iron’ shirts promise to be wrinkle-free.

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Keep these three fabulous options in mind the next time you have to go for that ‘dreaded’ office wear shopping and it’ll be a breeze.

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