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MenswearSingapore.com is, as the name suggests, a blog about Men Fashion specific to the Singapore context.

Although this blog might slow expand into other areas of the gentlemanly arts, such as hairstyle, fitness and even lifestyle (and we hope to expand more as we grow).

We’re a team who cares quite a bit about the way we look.

Note: We do not claim expert in any of the above topic, but just happened to be quite into them (yes, all of them).

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There are three primary objectives we hope to achieve from creating this blog.

Objective 1: Provide Value Through Engaging and Informative Content

The primary goal would be to curate contents as original and honest as possible.

That fellow Singaporeans can relate and apply almost immediately.

We hope to write awesome stuff in a way that is fun to read and helps grow the menswear community. Whether it’s quick how-to guides, tips, lobangs or advice, we like to think of ourselves as a ‘go-to’ resource hub for guys in Singapore and perhaps even the rest of Asia and beyond.

Objective 2: Provide Value Hands-On Reviews of Men Fashion, Health and Grooming Items

Our reviews are written by people who have used and tested the products, fitness plans etc.

Most of the items were purchased and owned by ourselves while a handful of them were samples provided by various companies around the world.

The idea is that we don’t want to write one word without having actually used or tested the stuff. In this case, you know exactly what you’re getting way before you ever decide to buy something or what you can expect should you try out any of our recommendations, like fitness plans, diet strategy etc.

Objective 3: (In Progress) Provide Value by Finding Men Fashion/ Grooming Products

The infomations we shared in this blog is great and all but we’d love to provide even more value hopefully by starting a physical webstore.

We are looking around and talking to a number of different men fashion apparels and accessories labels. We will also hunt for nice items and secure good deals for the community.

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