The One Razor Every Man Must Try

The one non-electric razor all men must try!

Men beard is fast becoming an art and luckily Singaporeans have evolved to be more accepting to growing and grooming that manly art of keeping beard.

Getting your beard game right can significantly enhance and upgrade your manliness and compliment your fashion style.

There are many options when it comes to having that facial hair trimmed or shaved. Some choose to seek help from professionals while others (like us) prefer to do it ourselves (DIY).

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If one is looking to trim, groom and maintain the shape and length of their beard; professional service might make sense. Investing in a good electronic trimmer can also go a long way in helping to maintain that manly beard.

However, if you are like us, who like it all clean and smooth, it will probably make more financial sense to do it ourselves (it’s much more convenient and practical anyway).

This post is for guys who are not too particular, or rather, don’t wish to spend too much time on beards as they simply prefer to shave it all off. And as such, all we look for in a shaver/ razor is the comfort and longevity.

And nope…

This post is not some ‘Top 5 Razor Pick’ or ‘5 Best Razors for Men’ (maybe in future), but rather, we want to share one non-electronic razor we’ve chanced upon and have personally tested (after trying so many) and am still using it till today because it’s simply too good – don’t say bo jio!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post but one that we feel just had to share with our readers. Also to give credit for a job well done by this company.

And what razor is that?

Introducing: Schick Hydro 5 Razor!


Schick what?

And we are totally not surprised if many of you have not heard of this brand, or have the perception that this is a feminine brand.

Apparently, unlike their competitor (you all know who), they don’t seem to invest much money (if any) into marketing and branding their shavers (at least not in Singapore).

Their biggest competitor (yes, the big G) invested a lot in terms of product development, tactical promotions and branding campaigns. From basic models to the more advanced ones where they created a piano out of this shaver (watch ad below).

Paying millions in endorsement to famous celebrities in an attempt to appeal to certain target audience and position it as a ‘manly’ product.

Their razor even made their way into the army NSF pack!

While this brand in topic – Schick, simply stick to their easy and straight forward basic models.


Why Most Razor Blade Sucks? 

To understand why most razor blade has such short effective life-span, we need to look from a business perspective of these companies selling these products.

Like Printers, the real margin and profit to be made is not in the sales of the printers but in selling the (you guessed it) Ink Cartridges. (Why do you think they sell the printers so cheap, especially at IT shows).

In the case of shaver, it’s the shaving blade you replace when the blade becomes blunt.

If you have ever experienced using and going through a razor blade’s lifecycle (meaning from a fresh new blade till you started bleeding or feeling discomfort from the blunt edges), you might have the similar experience as we do where the shaver/ blade start hurting you after 3 to 5 uses (our guess is perhaps that is one of the strategies to sell you more of the shaving cream products).

Sadly, even big brands like Gillette (no matter how nice they name their shaver or how manly the design is), their blade simply doesn’t last! And we’ve cut ourselves quite often.

Now this is why we recommend the Schick Hydro 5. We were so impressed and actually tried pushing the limit of the blade to test how long the blade can last before we started feeling discomfort from shaving with it.

The result?

One fresh blade lasted us easily 3 to 4 months! We would also like to highlight that most of our editors shave at least 6 days a week due to work as well as preference of our partners to have smooth surface to kiss (ok too much info).

On top of the quality, we would also like to give credits to the consistency of their blade. Every single blade we’ve used till date is just as good.

Schick Razor Hydro 5 Refill

We think you can see where we are going with this and why Schick has definitely won our hearts (hands down) when it comes to the quality.

In all fairness, we’ve never tried razors from other brands like BIC or Watson’s house-brands (we will leave that to you guys to try if you would still like to after reading this post).

Schick Razors

Schick Shavers for Men
Image credit: Schick

Groups into 4 major classes – Schick Hydro, Schick Quattro, Schick Xtreme3 and Schick ST2.

To put it simply, the class is differentiated by the number of blades (Schick calls them – Ultra Glide Blade) where Hydro = 5 blades, Quattro = 4 blades, Xtreme3 = 3 blades and ST2 = 2 blades.

It seems that Xtreme3 and ST2 are disposable shavers for obvious reasons.

The Hydro comes with a sensitive version, an electronic version as well as a 3 blade option.

>> Click here to check out Schick Razors

And yes, we use the Hydro 5 EVERYTIME. We don’t have a reason not to.

P.S. We don’t use shaving cream when we use this shaver 😉

Now that you’ve heard from us, it’s time to try it for yourself.

Make your shaving experience every morning – Smooooooth (and painless).

Who knows, this might very well be the last pair of non-electric razor you will ever need.

(We chanced upon their ad on YouTube when writing this post – Its pretty cool, so be sure to check it out).

If so, don’t forget to come back and share you experience and results with the committee. Or leave your feedback now if you are already using one or have tried it before.

Whether you feel the same way or have your own views or maybe you have a better brand to share!

Feel free to comment and share with us!

Talk soon!

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