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Types of Dress Shoes – Explained


The 5 Most Common Types Of Dress Shoes Explained Today’s post will introduce and explains the most common types of men’s dress shoes. Whether you have been working for a while and am looking for more fa-ducation (fashion + education) or just stepping into the society and looking for some info to help get started, […]

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Top 3 Men’s Essential Tees To Buy In Singapore       


In this post, we will share with our MWS readers the top 3 brands we buy the essential tees from in Singapore. For guys who are already buying and wearing essential tees day in day out, you might want to skip our introduction and go straight to the list (scroll below). For the rest of us […]

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Men’s Belt – Everything You Need to Know

Mens Belt Singapore

Men’s Belt 101 This post will answer almost every question you have about the men’s belt. Men’s belt is one of the most commonly used fashion item that is also most overlooked. Like everything else, knowing how to pick the right belt for your outfit can mean the difference between looking great and stylish and […]

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Where to Buy Men’s Watches in Singapore

James Bond in Watch

Believe it or not, watch is one of the first things people notice when you meet with them. That said, watch contributes greatly to your men’s fashion style. There are plenty of watch shops in Singapore selling men’s watches. From your neighbourhood watch shops to heartland mall, we have to say that watch supplies are […]

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Standout in Office with these

Stand out in Office

3 implementations to instantly stand-out in office Gentlemen, unless you are working for organizations like Apple, Airbnb, Facebook or Google, chances are, you are required to be in office attire at least 4 days per week. Some organizations don’t even have a dress-down Friday which means a 5 days office wear week.

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Where To Get Funky Socks in Singapore

HappySocks Formal Wear

If you have read our previous post on the ways to instantly stand out from other male colleagues in the office (the positive way) and was wondering where to get tip number 3 – switch your monotone socks with fun vibrant ones! This post is dedicated to answer just that. _______________________________________ Guys in Singapore are […]

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Local Menswear Labels in Singapore

If you have been following our site or have read our About page, you will know that we strive to be a one stop resource hub for guys (or women) looking for men fashion related info in the context of Singapore. Hence it will only be right that we create a comprehensive list of local […]

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