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6 Ways For Guys To Always Look Sharp in Office


In this post, we are going to give gentlemen some of the best tips and tricks to always looking sharp at work. We wrote in this article on the common menswear mistakes seen in offices; explaining what they are and how guys can easily avoid them. Correcting these mistakes can up your dress game almost […]

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Menswear and Fashion Mistakes in Singapore Offices


We’ve talked about the common menswear mistakes here. In this post, we will uncover some of the most common menswear mistakes seen in the offices of Singapore, and what gentlemen can do to correct them and improve their dressing game in office. Guys in Singapore generally pay lesser attention to their fashion sense and dressing. […]

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Master The Art of Manly Selfie

It’s official! Like it or not, “Selfies” is now a term in the Oxford dictionary. Without a doubt, selfies have fast become a part of our daily lives – even the elderly know what selfie is. And nope, taking selfie is no longer a privilege only for the ladies; guys do have their fair share […]

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30 Men’s Style Blogs to Follow (#30 is our favourite!)

Mens style blog

Every man’s style and taste is a result of his surroundings, beliefs and personality and even then, it’s still continuously evolving based on his life experiences. Either way, it can’t hurt to get inspiration from stylish dudes. In today’s post, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of fashion forward men’s style blogs and bloggers who […]

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4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing

Gentlemen Acts in Singapore

4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing Singaporean guys are so gentlemanly and romantic, said no girl ever. But why do local guys get such a bad reputation on this? It could well be due to the fast pace of life in Singapore, that Singaporeans in general have forgotten to slow down amidst the hectic […]

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3 Tips to Help Fall Asleep Faster – Sleep Better, Look Better

3 quick tips for a better sleep Getting enough sleep is critical to looking fresh, feeling energetic and younger. Sleep allows our body to repair itself and more importantly allows the collagen production to start working it’s magic. With ample sleep, your overall style look and fashion will be enhanced as people around you will be […]

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4 Bespoke Places in Singapore

Bespoke places in Singapore

Should your greatest fear be walking down Orchard Road and seeing someone else wear the same thing as you – we’ve got the perfect solution for you. We’ve checked out some bespoke places in Singapore for you to get that uniquely yours piece.

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