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Top 3 Men’s Essential Tees To Buy In Singapore       


In this post, we will share with our MWS readers the top 3 brands we buy the essential tees from in Singapore. For guys who are already buying and wearing essential tees day in day out, you might want to skip our introduction and go straight to the list (scroll below). For the rest of us […]

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Menswear and Fashion Mistakes in Singapore Offices


We’ve talked about the common menswear mistakes here. In this post, we will uncover some of the most common menswear mistakes seen in the offices of Singapore, and what gentlemen can do to correct them and improve their dressing game in office. Guys in Singapore generally pay lesser attention to their fashion sense and dressing. […]

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Where to Buy Men’s Watches in Singapore

James Bond in Watch

Believe it or not, watch is one of the first things people notice when you meet with them. That said, watch contributes greatly to your men’s fashion style. There are plenty of watch shops in Singapore selling men’s watches. From your neighbourhood watch shops to heartland mall, we have to say that watch supplies are […]

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4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing

Gentlemen Acts in Singapore

4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing Singaporean guys are so gentlemanly and romantic, said no girl ever. But why do local guys get such a bad reputation on this? It could well be due to the fast pace of life in Singapore, that Singaporeans in general have forgotten to slow down amidst the hectic […]

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Friday Dress-down Men Fashion Guide – Singapore Style

Friday dress down for men - Cardigan

Top to bottom ideas for your next Friday smart casual style Although not all companies in Singapore allows dressing-down on Friday, it is a common company practice to dress down on every Friday of the week. This is one of the best chance to showcase other type of fashion styles you have that is different […]

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90s Fashion Trends and Style in Singapore

Today’s post is dedicated to our readers who have had the privilege of growing up in the 90s era. For TV, we have the legendary Power Rangers, Captain Planet, Biker Mice from Mars, TMNT, Transformers and Bananas in Pyjamas. For Music, we have Michael Learns to Rock, Backstreet boys, The Offspring, Eminem, Spice Girls and Westlife. […]

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Where To Get Funky Socks in Singapore

HappySocks Formal Wear

If you have read our previous post on the ways to instantly stand out from other male colleagues in the office (the positive way) and was wondering where to get tip number 3 – switch your monotone socks with fun vibrant ones! This post is dedicated to answer just that. _______________________________________ Guys in Singapore are […]

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