Local Menswear Labels in Singapore

If you have been following our site or have read our About page, you will know that we strive to be a one stop resource hub for guys (or women) looking for men fashion related info in the context of Singapore.

Hence it will only be right that we create a comprehensive list of local labels that you can always come to for all of your men fashion fix.

We’ll add to it as more local labels emerge.

We recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

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Shop Menswear Online

Shop menswear online

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2 Men Fashion Instagrammers To Follow Now

Menswear instagrammer in Singapore

Fashion-forward men’s Instagram

Hitting the ‘Explore’ tab on Instagram reveals a myriad of fashionable social media influencers.

Dependent on your inclination towards a certain fashion style, there are many influencers to gain inspiration from. However, the disparity between the number of female and male fashion ‘Instagrammers’ is pretty jarring.

After some stalking, we’ve found a few Singaporean male fashion represent for you to give a ‘follow’!

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