Common Men Fashion Mistakes – Big No No

Guys, if you find yourself always caught in conversations with lady friends telling you that Singaporean Men can’t dress, don’t get over-defensive.

Take a step back now and tell me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Men’s Fashion in our lovely sunny little island?

T-shirts with huge branded logos, berms that go beyond the knees and $3 slippers that your mum bought from the market?

What about office wear? Is your shirt fitting or loose? Do you wear a watch and belt?

Well, you can’t blame these ladies, more often than not, we catch Singaporean guys dressed like they haven’t updated their closest since secondary school. Otherwise, we would see guys in CBD clad in branded from head to toe thinking that is the mark of a well-dressed Singaporean Men.

Fret not!

Follow these tips that I will soon share and the next time you hang out with these lady friends, be ready to razzle and dazzle.

>> Casual wear

#1 Going out in Sports Shoes

Of course unless you are headed out to exercise, NEVER match sports shoes with your casual wear attire. They are called sports shoes for a reason and it’s because they are meant for sport activities.

Or as Ryan Gosling’s footwear lesson in Crazy Stupid Love (paraphrased): ” Unless you in a fraternity or you are billionaire owner of Apple Computers,  Steve Jobs. You have no right to wear them, ever. ”

If your reason for wearing them is because they are comfortable and you want to portray the ‘sporty’ look, do consider the many casual shoes that these sports brands have created. E.g. Nike Flyknits, Onisuka Tiger, New Balance sneakers and the list goes on. However don’t forget to match them with jogger pants or rolled up skinny jeans to complete the look.

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#2 Berms Longer Than Knee Caps

bermuda-shortsIf you are guilty of this, you probably haven’t updated your wardrobe since your secondary school days.

Besides being a fashion disaster, wearing berms beyond your knee caps would make your legs appear shorter. Males are genetically engineered to have a more proportionate torso to legs ratio and doing this will just make you look shorter and with a longer torso.

Short-Length-4001Try this – instead of long berms (some with pockets by the side), switch your pair of berms for a chino shorts. Take note of the fit and length though, too long you will face the problem mentioned, too short or too far up from the knee you might get judged (fake cough).

No idea where to start? Check out this post for some places to shop in Singapore.

>> Office wear

#3 Branded from Head to Toe

There seem to be a major misconception that wearing branded is a sign of success, affluence and great fashion sense (since fashion houses should never be wrong, right?).

LV Fan
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Well, we can’t deny that it may be a sign of success and affluence, however there is a thin line of overdoing it and thus running the risk of appearing snobbish and trashy.

1 good example of overdoing it is to wear those branded logo belts. Though this is the most blatant way of shouting to everyone that you are wearing a branded item, it unfortunately and ironically cheapens the value and appearance of the item.

We are not too sure whose fault this is – the designer who designed the belt or is it because the Singaporean men I have seen wearing it were unable to bring out the class of the item.

So how should you wear it?

Generally, you would want to restrict to one on the body and one off the body at max. Unless the other item for example is from a branded label but does not have its brand or logo printed or stamped loudly across the item.

That said, we would urge guys to pass on branded belts with big logo buckles or with the brand monogram printed all over the belt.

#4 Mismatch Belt and Shoes Colour

Belt Shoe Mismatch
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Unlike our female counterparts who have many accessories to add onto their attire, males’ most critical accessories are their belt, shoes and watch.

Due to limited palette of colours that we usually choose for work, these 3 accessories will make or break your outfit.

It is important to keep at least your belt and shoes of the same colour tone (they don’t have to be the same tone of brown) so that you look sharp, neat and won’t end up with too many colours in your outfit.


The above mentioned tips can be implemented in your daily lives almost instantly. And when you do, we can assure you that your sense of fashion would be greatly improved.

So there you have it, 4 quick fashion traps to avoid. What do you think?

Which of these are you guilty of? Or which of these pointers do you beg to defer?

Let us know in the comment and also feel free to share with the committee what other fashion mistakes guys typically make in Singapore.


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