3 Tips to Help Fall Asleep Faster – Sleep Better, Look Better

3 quick tips for a better sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical to looking fresh, feeling energetic and younger. Sleep allows our body to repair itself and more importantly allows the collagen production to start working it’s magic.

With ample sleep, your overall style look and fashion will be enhanced as people around you will be able to feel your energy and charisma.

Unfortunately, due to the stress we get in our daily lives (i.e beating the traffic, work stress, relationship stress, social stress), getting our beauty sleep are becoming more and more difficult for an increasing number of guys (see this post from ST).

men stressed at work

It is the same routine every morning.

The alarm clock rings and you wake up wondering whether it was really the alarm, or whether it was just a dream. No way you could be feeling so lethargic – you had only just woken up, right?

You look at the clock once again, this time a little more awake. Undeniably, it is time to wake up, whatever amount of rest you had gotten (or lack thereof).

Same old, same old. “I must sleep earlier tonight,” you say, as you drag your feet out of the bed. “I have been saying this for months, but tonight is the night I will sleep early and get a good rest,” you think to yourself as you groggily get yourself ready.

Unfortunately, life happens, and bedtime is way over when you finally get to rest on your bed.

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Do you find that happening often? We are all over-worked, under-rested individuals. Nowadays, the average number of hours of sleep we get has been decreasing, so we can work overtime, meet up with friends for dinner (and drinks) and other activities. Some of us even boast about it, “I only slept 4 hours last night,” as though it were a badge of honour. This is a worrying trend.

Fret not!

Below are some tips on becoming more well-rested for the next workday:

#1 Schedule for Sleep

Most people only go to bed when their day has ended. As such, their bedtime is given up to how external events shape their day.

This should not be the case, as sleep is an integral part of life that helps the brain relax and recuperate. It may be a wet blanket to do so (especially among mocking friends), but enforcing a specific time to go to bed would help your body get used to sleeping during a window of time.

Set it to 11.00pm, stick to it for a week and notice the difference it makes. Sleep should not be something you sacrifice for more time to do other activities.

#2 Minimise Exposure to Bright Light

That’s right. Turn off your televisions and smartphones, and avoid looking at brightly lit items!


Research has shown that exposure to lights before sleep tricks the body and brain into thinking it is day time, even though the lethargy is real. This probably came from our Neanderthal days, but this primal instinct still lives on in us.

Either way, prepare for sleep by reducing the amount of light in our surroundings about 1 hour before bedtime, and slowly let nature take its course.

#3 Relax Your Mind and Body

Have something to do during the period of light reduction and low activity.

Perhaps read a book for a half-hour a day, write in a journal, or just lie down on the bed and review your day. This routine helps get into the mood for sleep.

Once on the bed, we consciously think of each part of the body and imagine it relaxing and retiring for the day. This simple trick works like magic! The main aim is to keep your mind and body in a relaxed state so that falling into slumber can come easily later.

Try this 4-7-8 breathing technique we personally use to help fall asleep faster (fast forward to 0.20 secs)

Being able to get better sleep prepares you for the challenges that await you on the next day. Most importantly, it improves complexion and metabolism which in turns help keeps you in better shape as well as stay sharp.

And nope, the key and success of getting a real good deep and solid rest doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice as well as discipline to master the skill and form new habits, but it will be well worth the effort in the long run.

Do try these tips out and see how it works for you!

Feel free to leave a comment to let us know if you have personally tried any of these and what are the results.

Or do you have a better solution not mentioned or covered here you would like to share.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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