4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing

4 Gentlemanly Acts Singaporean Guys Stopped Doing

Singaporean guys are so gentlemanly and romantic, said no girl ever.

But why do local guys get such a bad reputation on this?

It could well be due to the fast pace of life in Singapore, that Singaporeans in general have forgotten to slow down amidst the hectic and bustle of city life. We are taught to believe that we are busy very single moment, too busy to slow down around our daily chores to help hold the door, hold the lift for others, or, specifically for this topic, perform a gentlemanly act.

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Acts of chivalry seem to have no place in modern day Singapore.

Why this is so, we will not know for sure.

Some say they are unnecessary in this day and age.

Some say that performing them is trying too hard. Also some say that along with women’s suffrage females are more empowered than before, and to do things like opening doors for them would be insulting to them.

Indeed, there can be many reasons. Either way, Singaporean guys do have a lot to catch up on in this area.

Here are some of the most common ones we’ve noticed:

#1 Not Opening Car Door for Girls

Opening car door for girls

“Of course got open car door for her before lah… Wedding day, lor.”

It looks chivalrous for the groom to open the car door and escort his bride from her seat. Everyone does it on that day, but what is stopping them from doing it every day?

Guys may feel that it is a menial task that girls can definitely do themselves, but this simple gesture of opening the door for her can go a long way.

#2 Not Holding the Door

holding the door for women

Ever had an MRT door close shut on you right when you were about to enter?

For a split second you are pondering whether to put your hand in the middle of the door gap to prompt the train door algorithm to open, and just when you are about to do that you are reminded of the horror stories of train doors which did not manage to detect foreign objects, closing themselves on human limbs and heading off.

Not a pleasant feeling, eh?

Train doors work in mysterious ways, but no one likes the feeling of not knowing when the doors will slam shut on you.

The traditional, non-computerised door is much more predictable, but should still be held open by you to ensure the safety of people walking by.

#3 No More Ladies First

In the past, females were easy targets so the males were prone to letting them go first so he could “look after” her and make sure they did not get into any trouble. Females and children were also allowed onto lifeboats first before males, something I learnt from the movie “Titanic”.

This is understandably seldom practical in modern times.

Squeezing into an MRT train at peak hour? Do this and you will be stuck for hours on the same platform. Queueing up for food at lunch hour? Good luck.

But for the few people who mean a lot to you, be sure to uphold “ladies first” and make them feel a little special.

#4 No Longer Sending the Girl Home

Sending a girl home

Sure, some dating couples live so far apart, you could practically call it LDR.

You live at Woodlands and she lives at Tampines, so it is alright for you to not send her home, right?

The purpose of sending the girl home is to ensure her safety, but also, and more importantly, to have a leisurely walk and chat before the end of the day.

That’s usually when the moonlight glow and night cool sets in, leaving the both of you in a pleasant mood, ensuring a positive end to the date.

Whether you are guilty of committing some (or all) of these mistakes, now that we’ve said it, there are no more excuses to not be a gentleman.

Think about this for a moment: if you were a girl, wouldn’t you feel flattered that a guy is opening the door for you?

Just for that instant, she would be looking at you in the light of Mr. Darcy or Prince Charming! And that’s got to count for something.

Listen to comedian Russell Peter’s famous words that shot him to stardom,

Be a man, do the right thing!

Russell Peters - Be a man, do the right thing

The next time you are faced with a decision whether to carry out some of these gentlemanly acts, skip the pros-and-cons process and heed Nike’s words: JUST DO IT.

Once it becomes a habit, you won’t even feel like you are going out of your way to perform a kind act. It just comes naturally to you.

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Do you guys agree with the list?

How many of you are guilty of one or more of these or have we missed out any?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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