7 Female Fashion Styles That Guys Find Ugly

Today’s post is not so much of grooming or styling tips for guys but more of a ranting or confession from guys with regards to some female fashion sense that simply doesn’t appeal to guys.

Simply put – guys can’t stand these fashion sense and style of their girl.

This post is meant to help give our fellow gentlemen a helping voice. So guys, if you agree with this list we have curated here, we want you to share it with you girlfriend, your female counterparts, your spouse or whoever you know applicable.

And yes, we are sure you will know at least one female who is doing one or all of these.

Note: Share this with your boss at your own risk (you’ve been warned).

Denim Skirts

First item, the denim skirts (be it the short ones, knee length ones or even the long ones, the denim skirt is not a fashion item guys think is flattering.

There is shape and no flow or movement when wearing it.

One issue as with most skirts is the skirt actually rotates when you move around during the day. This is particularly obvious with the denim skirt.

Denim Skirt

To be honest, other than the fact that some guys would enjoy the view beneath when you sit down, we really don’t fancy girls in it.

Transparent Bra Straps

Obviously Visible

If at this point, any girls still think ‘transparent’ bra stripes are really transparent, we don’t know what to say. Anyhow, you get the point, these transparent stripes usually gets yellowish and maybe it’s the hot weather in Singapore, some of those we see in public have actually became curvy along the stripes.

More importantly these transparent stripes looks really dated and we cant think of a single outfit they will go trendy with. Nope, not turned on at all.

3D Nail Arts

bedazzled 3D nail Art
How do you even reach into your pocket

Seeing how many manicure and pedicure stores are opening, we understand the need for finger arts ladies, we really do.

Are we must say we are pretty amazed sometimes looking at the amazing artwork they are able to create out of such a tiny art block space. But there is really no need to try going beyond that and adding all the toys and accessories on it. We are talking about the bedazzled 3D art with fake diamonds, flowers and even skulls.

Your fingers are one of the most used body parts in our daily lives; these arts are not practical and make your daily movements really awkward.

Don’t come nagging when the 3D art falls off.


Fat girl in Wedges
Image credit: fashionbyhe

We are not referring to the lower wedges like the ones from Melissa. We are talking about the tall ones that make the girls look like geisha when you walk! You not only look weird, people don’t even feel comfortable looking at the way you walk. It’s like you will fall over anytime you walk.

And yes, you look really ‘auntie’ in it.

Thick Cushioned Slippers/ Sandals

Thick Sole Sandal

Yes we hear you, they are comfortable….they are good for the posture…. But they are really auntie looking dear.

You can wear it when you go downstairs for breakfast or head out to do your weekly or daily marketing, but not to town or the cinema please.

Fake Eye Lashes


Eyelines are pretty; they make the eyes look bigger and sharper. Drawing of eye lines can make or break a girl’s appearance – We adore girls with eyelines nicely drawn.

Our struggle here is that many ladies go a step further to use eyelash extensions and even fake eyelashes. The latter is the worst, especially if not done properly. For guys reading this, we are sure you’ve had colleagues or during a meeting with external vendors when the sales representative with that fake eyelash falling off.

We’ve had one presentation by a vendor where the left side of her eye lash is half falling off. The 3 of us had no memory of what was presented but can only remember how awkward and uncomfortable we were throughout the entire presentation.

Thick Make-up

Make-up thicker than the amount of foot power we apply (make up or camo cream).

too much makeup
Image credit: lipstickalley

Oh yes, this is perhaps one of the most common.

We totally understand the need to apply some basic foundation and even mile make up to add color and tonality to your skin. Having some make-up on made my ex female colleagues and female friends feel more confident. But over doing just doesn’t have the same benefits.

They make you appear as lack of confidence and we (the guys) are constantly wondering how you will look like without them.

And trust us, our subconscious will always choose to believe it’s nothing pretty that why you are hiding behind that thick make up.

Joker in thick make-up
Image credit: huffingtonpost

We remember this joke:

“Her makeup is so thick that I’m sure if someone were to give her a slap, we will be lost in the cloud of her make-up and foundations!”

Thick make up is not only costly but doesn’t do any good to your skin. Isn’t it irony to apply too much make up and damage your skin, and then use more make-up to try and cover the damaged skin?

So there you have it, the list of female fashion style that makes guys ‘Buay Tah Han‘.

Guys, which of these do you hate most, or which you disagree? Or are there anything else you can’t stand but is not listed here?

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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