Friday Dress-down Men Fashion Guide – Singapore Style

Top to bottom ideas for your next Friday smart casual style

Although not all companies in Singapore allows dressing-down on Friday, it is a common company practice to dress down on every Friday of the week.

This is one of the best chance to showcase other type of fashion styles you have that is different from the office/ corporate wear.

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The challenge some of the guys face is putting something together that is neither formal nor too casual. In this post, we will recommend some of our top picks that you can easily put together to nail that Friday ‘smart casual’ look where you are laid back (TGIF mood) yet doesn’t give off that feeling of sloppiness.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the list:

>> Tops

For tops, we recommend either Polo tee or short sleeve shirt. Something with collar will inject a certain degree of formality over just a Tee top.

Oxford Shirts in long/ short sleeve

We pick oxford for its richer fabric texture over the daily normal office wear.

This can be a plain oxford shirt from Uniqlo or Muji or if budget allows, Polo Raph and Abercrombie.

Also switch up the plain ones with slightly thicker checked and stripe ones for variation.

Note: Avoid outdated designs like the ones with a button on the side of each sleeve for you to roll up and button like a curtain.

Polo Tee

Again, choose something simple and most importantly a cutting and size that fits nicely (not too tight and especially not too loose). For something with logo, invest in nice classic brands like Polo Raph, brooks brother or A&F. For plain ones, go for brands like Muji or Uniqlo.

Note: Avoid buying the ones with big embroidered logo or pattern smack on the chest or at the back.

Be it authentic or fake! Also be advised not to go with a jersey polo tee (i.e. English Premier League soccer jerseys etc.). Dry fit fabric is abit too sporty as well even if you are matching it with sporty sneakers like Flyknit etc.

Tee with Cardigan

There are a few benefits when you choose to go with the layering look: 1) an outer layer gives more formality to simply wearing an inner T-shirt and 2) take off the outer layer during lunch or after work to immediately have the casual look and feel.

Again, opt for basic and plain designs while focusing on finding the right fit. We personally prefers darker colored outer layer in contrast to the inner tee as this will make you look slimmer despite wearing multiple layers.

You may also go with a Polo tee for the inner piece to look add more formality. Simply remove the outer layer during lunch or when out of office when the weather and environment is hot or humid.

Note: The layering look is not recommended for plus sized individuals. Also, make sure that your cardigan is fitting and not too short.

>> Bottom

Pants, Jeans and joggers (if allowed)

Not to sound like a broken record, but keep the bottom simple and fitting is key.

Do not wear jeans with holes and depending on the threshold a company is able to have, a jogger pants can inject that sporty vibe to your Friday.

Match them with a nice pair of sneaker and you are good to go.

>> Shoe

Leather Loafers & Boat shoes

If you have meeting or plans after work, definitely go with leather loafers or boat shoes (no formal leather shoes please).


For the leather loafers or boat shoes, try brands like Timberland, Ted Baker and Sperry or luxury ones include Tods.

Sneakers & Slip-ons

For more casual Fridays, a pair of nice sneaker or slip-on will work wonder.


For sneakers, Onesuka Tiger, Asics, New Balance, Fred Perry, Nike Flyknits all works well and looks great with the right bottom (mentioned in the earlier point).

For slip-ons, Soludos and Toms we love.

>> Bag

Bag-pack, sling bag, lap-top bag or tote bags

Choosing the right Bag for guys are generally more challenging and the shopping (or hunting) process can be slightly longer.

Your best bet is still to stick to the bag you carry during your normal work day (see this post for bag recommendations). Alternatively, try a nice bagpack with more robust fabric like industrial canvas of leather (or a mix of both).

Same goes for sling bags. Brands like Department of… carries a good range.

For a sportier look, go for Crumpler or some other camera bag brands.

>> Bonus

Specs on!

Ah, this is totally optional but can make a big difference in terms of the overall look.

hot asian in specs

And nope, you don’t need to have any vision problems like astigmatism, short-sightedness, long-sightedness or presbyopia to incorporate this.

Computer lenses have proven to help reduce and prevent eyestrain, computer-related headaches or blurred vision by reducing the glare from your devices.

It doesn’t cost much to get a nice pair but yet this investment can go a long way in protecting your eyes and giving you an alternate look in office or outside.

For ideas on where to get one, do check out this post’s item #4.

So there you have it, some ideas to ensure your Friday stays stylish yet not sloppy or too casual.

Switching up certain items can make a difference based on your plan for that day.

For example: Switch Polo tee or short sleeve shirt for more formal look. Same goes for switching to leather shoes and bags.

Always remember, the right fit is more important than anything else.

There is no hard cast rule when it comes to the Friday dress down.

And since it’s Friday, relax, and let loose abit by experimenting different look and styles you wouldn’t otherwise try during the normal working days.


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