Try these Hairstyle for Men

Looking for a brand new hairstyle to complete your style transformation this year?

Look no further; in this article we bring you the hottest hair trends in the New Year.

The Side-Swept Undercut

The undercut has been around for a while and time has proven that this style is a classic. It’s one of the safest bet to looking stylish and sharp.

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Start by asking your stylist to help you achieve the look – shaved sides. Then keep the top part long. Now on to nailing the look, style the top part of your hair to the side. To help your hair stay in place (especially in our weather), be generous with that styling cream/ wax. To stand out from the crowd and give your look a bit of edge, spike the ends of your hair for a different feel.

Clean. Smooth. Dapper. This look can bring you from day to night effortlessly.

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The Updated Man Bun

For the bolder ones (and if your day-job permits), we definitely urge you to try out the Man Bun! Hot. Sexy. Drool-worthy. Here’s how to do it right.

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Start by pulling your hair back from your forehead and while doing so remember to rake it upwards. (This will prevent your hair from looking to flat!) Where to exactly position the bun is up to your individual preference but you can never go wrong securing it at the center of your head. For a more formal look, the use of styling cream is advised. But to work the everyday man bun, twist the ponytail, fasten with an elastic band and you are good to go. If desired, leave a few strands loose and that will instantly elevate the look!

Now, the updated man bun includes weaving braids into the original look. If you are not ready to venture into full on braids, start with a side plait. Once you get those compliments to boost your confidence, a popular choice to incorporate braids with man buns would be fishtail braid from the crown to the bun. Play around with the different style and find the one that suits you best and you will be ready to welcome the New Year.

Remember, they say your hair is your best accessory, a great hair cut and some effort into styling definitely adds brownie points!

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