30 Men’s Style Blogs to Follow (#30 is our favourite!)

Every man’s style and taste is a result of his surroundings, beliefs and personality and even then, it’s still continuously evolving based on his life experiences.

Either way, it can’t hurt to get inspiration from stylish dudes.

In today’s post, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of fashion forward men’s style blogs and bloggers who offer serious fashion and styling tips and advice for men.

Gentleman, be sure to bookmark this page as a resource for future style references.

1) Cup of Couple

Cup of Couple

Created by two gentlemen – Mike, a photographer, and Gabi, a Graphic designer – to showcase their individual style.

2) Why You Mad?!


Austin Ao-Xiong Wong’s blog covers styles from Uniqlo to Balmain and many followers of the blog stick to him because he simply takes time to answer questions posted by fans and readers.

His blog consist of posts showcasing personal style and his personal shopping suggestions.

3) Dapper Lou

Dapper Lou

A multi-faceted site that includes street-style images and shopping page based on this Brooklyn born blogger’s pick.

4) Put This On 

Put This on Shop

Known for its video series with simple to apply advice for guys looking for styling help.

Jesse Thorn’s site has some of the most basics dressing tips and emphasize the importance of fit, fabric, quality and individual style.

5) Scout Sixteen

scout sixteen

Scout Sixteen blogger Justin Livingston curates blog posts that cover everything from showcasing his own style to travel and music.

6) Oh Antonio

oh anthonio

Oh Anthonio is a personal style blog by the creative Anthony Urbano who shows readers tons of ways to dress and style.

7) Menswear Style

menswear style

Launched in 2012, Menswear Style is a comprehensive and essential guide for the guys who are fashion conscious. Craig Landale is a fashion expert and marketer with working experience in big label brands such as Mulberry. He is also the author of ‘ABC of Man: The Foundations of a Stylish Man’.

8) The Gentleman Blogger

the gentleman blogger

As Esquise U.K’s Best Dressed Male list in 2010, Matthew Zorpas from The Gentleman Blogger is always in tailored clothings well put together. The Gentlemen Blogger is a fashion blog not to miss.

9) Ape to Gentleman

ape to gentleman

A men’s lifesyle, fashion and grooming blog that provides engaging and engaging content on fashion apparals, styles, gadgets and male grooming related posts including reviews that ranges from face lotions to moisturisers.

Chris Beastall uses the blog to show how guys can use fashion as a tool to enrich their lives.

10) GarconJon


GarconJon is a blog well filled with stunning images of men with exquisite style.

Drawing on his experience, Jonathan Daniel Pryce uses his sharp judgment for style to document his travels across different countries capturing the styles visually.

11) Permanent Style

permanent style

A blog that teach men the difference between made-to-measure, tailored and ready to wear outfit.

Tips and tricks on how to press suit trousers etc can also be found.

Permanent Style establishes itself as UK’s authority on luxury and classic menswear fashion. The blog won critical acclaim from GQ and The Times. The blog offers insights and applicable advice on classic clothing and style.

12) Clothes Make The Man


A blog that caters to the everyday joe by offering down to earth and practical advice to it readers.

Authored by Anthony McGrath, Clothes Make the Man helps its readers make well-informed choices when it comes to fashion apparels and accessories.

13) Michael84


Authored Michael Adams, Michael84 is one of the most prominent UK men’s fashion blogs.

Drawing inspirations from his own personal style, Michael offers tips, advice reviews and fashion news.

14) Steve Booker

steve booker

Started as a blog to share and review about his favourite grooming products.

Auther Steve Booker expanded the content beyond simply fashion and shows his readers that fashion is a lifestyle and not just fancy clothing. Steve’s fashion sense and tips are always on point.

15) Buckets and Spades

buckets and spades blog

Started as a way to store images, author Matthew Pike has turned Buckets and Spades into a critically acclaimed blog. The blog gave Matthew opportunities to work with top brands on a number of projects across the world.

16) The Fashion Samaritan

the fashion samaritan

Using himself as the centrepiece of his blog, The Fashion Samaritan creates high-fashion looks by cleave use of bold colors and taking creative shots in scenic places across London.

17) Real Men Real Style

real men real style

Famous for the YouTube channel where they post tones of tutorial and reviews on grooming and styling tips and tricks for guys.

Real Men Real Style (RMRS) covers primarily topics on formal wears like suits, pants, vest, pocket squares and ties. From the types of fabric to the use of color and added details, RMRS is simple a comprehensive blog to find practical resources.

18) Speaking of Style

speaking of style

Toronto-based fashion blog, Speaking of Style is authored by Matthew Wong, who does a great job keeping content fresh with great articulation of thoughts on a consistent basis.

Readers are constantly kept engaged by relevant discussion-starters around current men’s style.

19) Complex (formally Four Pins)


A smart men’s fashion blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Complex keeps their content light, intellect and interesting, constantly spotting coming men’s style trends.

20) Hypebeast


Hypebeast needs no introduction. As one of the pioneer in street-style fashion, we simply need to include this into ur list.

Note: Hypebeast also expanded their blog and launched an e-commerce store (also featured on this online shopping list).

21) North of MAN

north of man

The editor behind North of MAN, Eliezer Infante is a native New Yorker who started with over 50,000 followers on Instagram, .

This stylist cum model cum photographer is also a highly sought-after creative consultant for brands like Tiffany, Timberland, and GQ Magazine.

Here’s an interview by VinceCamuto with the man himself.

22) Street Etiquette

street etiquette

Founded in 2008 by Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kiss, Street Etiquette has eveolved beyond a men’s lifestyle blog and am now also a creative consulting agency.

23) Selectism


Based in Berlin, Selectism is a lifestyle and fashion for both men and women who are more interested in seasonal launches of products, latest fashion industry news than styling guides, tips and tricks.

24) Gentlemen’s Brim

gentlemens brim

If you are into motorcycles then this site will not be a stranger to you. Started in 2012 by Tony Gyepi-Garbrah and Sadiki Harriott, this men’s fashion blog successfully married motorcycles with style.

25) What My Boyfriend Wore

what my boyfriend wore

This style blog is actually started when Sergio Ines’ former girlfriend, used to post pictures of his outfits on Instagram (hence the name) which has since become a buzz.

The followers picked and the menswear blog was born, dedicated for dappers everywhere.

26) Well Spent


Started by Brad Bennett since 2011, Well Spent is a fashion blog that features honestly crafted products that look good and don’t cost an arm or leg.

Well spent is known for featuring American-made artisan goods. Browse through their achieve of brands to discover amazing craftsmen and brands/ labels out there unavailable in Singapore.

27) Off the Cuff

off the cuff dc

A men’s style blog that focuses on office wear although they seem to be getting more casual with weekend wear added into their post.

What readers like about Off the Cuff is their practical recommendations of apparels that one can find without breaking his wallet. The blog also provide recommendations for sales and giveaways from time to time.

28) The Modest Man

the modest man

Dedicated to help the ‘not so tall’ guys, The Modest Man offers fashion advice that covers from top to toe. Products reviews, places to shop and fashion advice can also be found here.

29) Easy and Elegant Life

easy and elegant life

Easy and Elegant Life revolved around one simple quest for the perfect look.

The blog focuses on high-fashion with some non-fashion content from time to time.

We saved one of the best for last.

30) Alpha M


Alpha M is one of the pioneers on YouTube in the topic around men grooming and styling. It’s owner Aaron Marino had been on Shark Tank twice and even started his own line of products.

We say it’s one of the best because of the content on Alpha M’s channel.

They are simple, straight forward and very engaging thanks to Alpha’s unique style of presentation. Start watching a few of his videos and you are sure to be hooked.

So there you have it, our list of 30 men’s style blog for anyone looking to up their menswear, styling, grooming game in this century.

Feel free to bookmark this page so you can come back from time to time for quick reference.

Now that you’ve read the list, what do you think?

Any of the men’s style blog you visit or frequent that is not on the list? Feel free to leave a comment to share with the committee.


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