Menswear and Fashion Mistakes in Singapore Offices

We’ve talked about the common menswear mistakes here.

In this post, we will uncover some of the most common menswear mistakes seen in the offices of Singapore, and what gentlemen can do to correct them and improve their dressing game in office.

Guys in Singapore generally pay lesser attention to their fashion sense and dressing. Simply looks at the number of men fashion stores in Singapore and you will know what we mean.

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There are several reasons for this, which includes: busy pursuing their career, as long as my wife don’t mind, no incentives for doing so, topic not covered in school or simply don’t have the time.

Despite the effort to make Singapore an active nation, and we really do see an increase in sports events in Singapore as well as an increase in participants, most guys in Singapore generally have ‘guts’. This lowers their motivation further to put more effort into their daily menswear.’

Furthermore, unlike countries like Australia or Korea with 4 seasons, guys in Singapore don’t really have the luxury of wearing layers like suits and blazers/ vest on the go – thanks to the year round our ‘summer’ season.

Singaporeans (or other nationalities working here) tend to only have one objective when it comes to daily menswear in office – cooling.


These reasons all contributed to some or all of the following common fashion mistakes we see in Singapore offices day in day out.

Go through the list to see if you consciously or unconsciously committed one or more of these:

Oversized Shirts


Without a doubt, majority of the guys in Singapore have some degree of belly, be it due to lifestyle, lack of time to exercise and to top it all up – age caught up with us.

With that, they believe that they will look fat with slim cut shirts. Also, because they are always looking for convenience and something economic, they tend to buy shirt off the shelf where the shirts were made to fit as many guys’ body types as possible. This is the same for shirts labeled slim fit or tailored fit.

Oversized Blazers

As with oversized shirt, oversized blazer is even more common for reasons mentioned in the introduction paragraph. More specifically, because to the weather, seldom wear blazer and hence don’t see the point in investing the money and time to get one tailored.

To be fair, you will still be able to find decent fit blazers off the shelf, the key is to find the right shoulder width.

Image Credit: aceshowbiz

Some of the guys in office wear blazers so much bigger than their size it reminds us of NBA players back in the days where they wear these super huge blazers during post-game interviews and other formal occasions.

Do check out this post on the places in Singapore to get your suit tailored.

Baggy Pants

This is usually paired with an oversized shirt mentioned earlier.

We would say that baggy pants might be even worse than wearing an oversized shirt (see MJ image above) as these oversized pants make you appear sloppy and shorter than you actually is. In more extreme cases there will be folds when you buckle up your belt.

The length on the pants is also likely to be way too long (which is not good).

>> Solution for Oversized Clothing

The easiest and most straight forward solution is to simply buy the right sizes shirt and pants! Always try on before buying and never buy working shirts off the internet unless they are some online tailor shop.

Also, opt for shirts and pants with slim or tailored fit cutting.

The best and most recommended way to go about getting the best fit for your body is to go to a tailor. And it doesn’t have to be the expensive and branded ones. A decent tailored shirt can start from as low as $45 in Singapore and pants as low as $55 depending on fabric.

Tips: You can get good quality tailored clothes in BKK (Bangkok). You can usually get the clothes made within 3 days and even if they are not able to complete before you leave the country, most of them offer shipping to Singapore.

Unmatched Belt and Shoe Colour

This is also one of the men fashion common mistakes we’ve identified in this post.


The basic rule is that the color of your dress belt must match the color of the dress shoe.

More fashion forward individuals even go a step further as to match the texture of the belt with the shoe. For brown, pay attention to the shade of brown of the leather belt and shoe (likewise for Tan color).

Damaged and Aged Dress Belt

Image credit: thesuperbelt

I’m sure you’ve seen in more than once, guys wearing dress belts with cracked or faded leather strap (especially at the back portion), or their belt hole is damaged because they’ve gained some weight. As mentioned in our belt 101 post, get a new belt if you’ve find the belt getting tighter.

Also invest in a genuine leather belt as they simply last much longer and look so much nicer.

Be sure to check out this post here for everything you need to know about belts – how to choose one, sizing, storage and maintenance.

Ankle Socks with Dress Shoe

Image Credit: dmarge

This is the most common menswear mistakes for interns or guys just stepping into the working society.

Ankle socks with dress shoe are not stylish (unless you’re a Korean) and can affect the way people see and judge you.

Also avoid wearing the SAF black socks you get from E-mart using your army credits. Trust us, everyone who’s served national service knows it’s ‘that socks’ when you are wearing it.

>> Where to buy dress socks

A pair of decent dress socks doesn’t cost much but can go a long way.

Almost every menswear shops in Singapore sell it.

One of our favorite place to get nice and decent quality socks is Uniqlo (SG$14.90 for 3 pairs, how’s that!).

You can also switch things up once in a while by going with a pair of funky socks.

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HappySocks Formal Wear
Image Credit: happysocks

Soft Fabric Backpack

First of all, you should really consider ditching backpacks when you are in office wear (again, unless if you are in Japan or Korea). Backpack can mess up the well ironed shirt and most backpacks make you look like a college kid touring the neighbourhood.

However, if you are an Engineer or works in the IT department where you have to bring that heavy IBM laptop everywhere you go, these guidelines might help:

  • Opt for dark color and stay away from bright ones.
  • Simplicity is key. Avoid prints, patterns or designs with extra and fancy compartments and designs.
  • Go for leather or canvas shell with leather elements (avoid nylon).

There’s a series of backpacks by Samsonite Red designed to cater to working adults.


Note: It’s a sin to wear backpack over suits. Remove that suit and hold it in your hand if you really need to carry the backpack (yes, unless you are a Korean or in Korea).

Not Wearing a Watch

Here’s the deal, if you have been working for at least 6 months, you have no excuse not to be wearing a watch (unless it’s for safety reasons where you job requires dealing with machineries, which in that case you won’t even be in formal attire).

James Bond in Watch

A watch differentiates a rookie from someone who has been working for a while. And yes, when it comes to watches, brand does matter (but that’s another story altogether).

Our point is, you need to get a watch if you go to work in office wear. Go for the more formal styles watch with metal or leather strap (opt for classy leather colour – Black, Brown or Tan).

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Same Tie For Every Outfits

Every office has at least that one guy who owns only that one pair of tie. And regardless of the shirt he wears, it will always be matched with that tie.

They might not think much about it, but over time, others will start forming impressions which might go along the line of being lazy or simply have ‘no idea’.

Generally, if you job requires you to wear a tie every day, you should really invest in at least 3 of them in different colors and styles.


Phewww – now that’s a long post. But we are sure it’s worth the effort to put this together.

Gentlemen, the way we dress DOES AFFECT the way we are perceived by others.

Simply put:

“Do you think one acts like a manager before being promoted to be a manager or the other way around.”

We’re not saying that getting these dress code nailed will guarantee a promotion or increment (or whatever you are aiming for in the office).

But when your dressing is to point, people see you as someone who makes effort and pays attention to details (as you’ve paid attention to your personal grooming).

Also, when you are better dressed, you not only look sharper but also feel sharper and better about yourself which gives you confidence that will be translated into your work in the office.

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What do you think of these mistakes?

Have you spotted any men’s fashion mistakes in office we’ve missed? Or are you guilty of committing one or more of these?

We would love to hear from you, so do leave a comment!

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