Quick Men Suit Color Guide

Getting your first suit for planning for a second set but couldn’t decide on the colour?

Below are a few food-for-thoughts we hope can benefit and aid you in deciding the next suit to get to tailor.

Firstly, we acknowledge that Singapore a seriously a humid and hot country where wearing suits on the street usually only meant a few things; either you are shooting wedding photos or attending a wedding.

That said, as we grow up and proceed in life, there will definitely be occasions / functions on and off where you just need to have a suit or blazer to fit in.

Sure, one can buy a 2 piece suit off shelf, honestly, we wouldn’t suggest that, even if you are ‘general sized’. A set of tailored suit doesn’t have to be too expensive, usually based on the fabric, brand and workmanship. You can check out this, this and this articles we wrote on places to buy that suit.

But today, we are going to talk about the color selection and some of the things to consider when choosing the suit color to buy.

Let’s get on to it.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal mens suit
Photo credit: mensuit

This is a must-have in all men’s closet. The charcoal remains one of the safest suit color to own. The pros of having a charcoal suit includes: 1) easy to match, 2) suitable for almost any occasion, 3) makes one look slim, 4) more interesting than the plain black color suit and 5) durable to dirt and washing.

One more advantage of a charcoal suit is that in cases where you accidentally damaged either the top or the bottom, you can very likely find similar color fabric to match, thus reducing the need to make the whole suit again.  Also, the top can usually be worn as a sport jacket to match jeans or china bottoms.

The dark charcoal suit does however add a bit of maturity, which is good for young chaps looking to gain more serious attention and respect.


11809530_660420697432161_241346811_nIn the US, Black is usually only wore by individuals at weddings, funerals and by federal agents, body guards and bouncers at the bar. In Singapore, it’s more commonly worn by ‘Brothers’ at weddings or worn by waiters or bouncers at the bar.

Having a black suit is not really an essential as many would think. We personally felt that black suits have limited options when it comes to matching with accessories like Tie, Belt, Pocket Squares and lapel.

Tip: Black suit is less suitable for guys with Colored hair but goes well for gentlemen with a head full of black. Dark skinned/ tanned gentlemen also look good in Black suit.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue Men Suit
Photo Credit: howtospend_it

Believe or not, this is the first color suit I own. It’s versatile, not as mainstream as black yet it’s not loud. Because plain grey is simply too mainstream.

The Navy blue goes well with both brown and black shoes. Both works safely with Navy blue.

For tie, you can go with red to bring out the contrast or go with more generic colors like grey, black.


True Blue

True Blue mens suit
Photo credit: assemblysg

This is our top favourite color.

We match this color with Brown leather shoes and belt. For tie, we pick red, orange or a different shade of Blue.

For added effect, we go with white color pocket square for the win!

Do note though that this color is not as formal as the charcoal grey and Navy blue.


Light Grey & White

These colors are pretty hard to pull off and if done properly, can make one look fat and flat.

These colors are definitely informal and works better if the event is at night.

And there you have it, our views on various colors of suits.

There are a few more colors not mentioned here, like the Khakis, Dirty green, Brown color and even purple suits. We also did not talk about fabrics with patterns in this article. But these are the more common ones and honestly the only ones you should be considering (other than white) if it’s your first or second suit.

Final word of advice, fit is more important than brand.

Do also check these articles out on where to buy the suits: 4 Places in Singapore to Suit up

So what do you guys think? Which color suit is your favorite and go-to suit? Let us know in the comment what’s your favourite and why.

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