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We thought it will be useful to list down some of the sites online we personally shop to get our menswear fix.

We do understand that shopping in physical stores still offer the most ‘real’ and holistic experience as it engages all our senses in the process of shopping. The pipe in music, carpet, air-con, and service staff all contributes to the overall shopping experience.

This is especially true for menswear and men fashion shopping as most of the time we need to really try something on to see if we look good in it. Factors like the type of fabric, its texture and feel of the item, whether or not they suit our body type and skin color etc. all are important factors to consider when deciding on the next thing to buy.

That said, we are sure you will also agree that there are also tons of benefits that come with shopping online: this includes shipment to doorstep, access to clothes not sold in Singapore, cheaper deal due to currency exchange, online promo, shopping at the comfort of our house; easily scout the internet for the best deal and more!

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Below are some of our top favorite online sites when shopping for menswear.

The key considerations we give when we evaluate a fashion site are: the range of products and the type of brands, extensiveness of the brand they carry and one of the most important factor – shipping fee!

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ASOS-logoOne of the most popular sites online for both men and female wear. ASOS carries product categories that range from top to bottom, inner wear to accessories, and even grooming products. They carry over 200 men fashion brands including their very own ASOS house brand item (you have to love their value for money house brand items which seriously look pretty awesome for that price point).

Most importantly, one HUGE reason why we absolutely adore this site is for it’s free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase! How sweet is that?

Tip – Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter for latest deal (and yes they run promotions quite frequently for all brands).

>> Check out ASOS here


Zalora-logo-blackQuite a well-known site in Singapore, Zalora was very aggressive in their digital advertising when they first launched (well known for their retargeting where you see their advertisement banner everywhere you go after visiting their site).

Zalora models after ASOS in many ways where they also introduced the marketplace as well as produces house brand products. Zalora recently brought back a lot of local labels to join their quest and have eliminated the marketplace (great move).

Similar to ASOS, they carry a wide range of product categories and brands.

One downside of shopping with Zalora that they charges shipping fee for purchases below $40. That said, they do have one of the best return and exchange policy.

>> Check out Zalora here

Urban Outfitters

logo-urban_outfittersOne famous shopping site in the US. They carry quite an extensive collection of menswear and even house hold items.

This is a site known for indie and hipster stuff.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter as well as they periodically run promotions/ sales and even offer free worldwide shipping.


logo-kapok-600x428This famous multi-label boutique is one of the pioneers that brings in interesting independent selection of brands from around the world into one space. (now also in Singapore, located at the Design Centre in Bugis).

Their online store offers free worldwide shipping!

And yes, they also runs promotions on their site from time to time, hence be sure to subscribe to their newsletter so as not to miss out.

 HBX (by Hypebeast)

HBX logoIf you have been following street wear fashion, this site is definitely no stranger to you. As one of the pioneer in street wear fashion news.

Many didn’t know that they actually have an e-commerce store online as well. And yes, they carry a huge collection of some of the most famous brands.

They also offer free international shipping and free shipping for orders above USD100 (see chart below) and runs periodic promotions and sales.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 2.11.03 pm


FMP-Cd4YRevolve (aka Revolve Clothing) is a multi-label e-commerce site that carries fashion items for both men and women.

Free shipping for purchases above USD100.


d_logoOne of the most popular site Singaporeans get their Korean menswear fix from. Formally known as Zipia, they used to offer korean fashion wear at wholesale price.

Quite a number of Spree sites are also set up to organise order pooling services at a small fee.

Zipia has rebrand to be called Dahong, and now offers wholesale pricing of 30% off sited price for purchases above USD500.

Cons of shopping here is that the size is inconstant and the quality can sometimes be pretty low. Pros though, are the pricing from whole sale can be pretty impressive and they are pretty bold with their designs sometimes. One thing we really like about Dahong is the model/ image shots where they try different types of product combination.

Good place to get fashion inspiration even if you are not in the mood to buy any.


Local label Sifr as been around for quite awhile.

They pride themselves for the Prima cotton tees are are so soft and comfortable especially for our Singapore weather. They also offer bottoms and shoes.

Sifr’s pima cotton tee is featured in our top 3 essential Tee post here.

 Snort Label

Snort-Label-LogoThis local label has recently expanded their portfolio beyond just shirts and tees.

Known for their wooden button, Grandad Collar and Mandarin Collar shirts; Snort label offers free shipping world-wide.

Do subscribe to their newsletter for periodic promotions and sales (we noticed they throw extra bonuses for subscribers, you’re welcome).

>> Check out Snort Label here

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hipvan-logo-PNGStarted off with Local brands and unique finds, HipVan has expanded to international brands as well.

This is an interesting site to find and discover fun and creative everyday lifestyle products. HipVan carries minimal menswear and accessories though.

Do also subscribe to their newsletter as they run periodic promotions as well 😀

>> Check out HipVan here


naiiselogoOne of the most successful multi-label boutiques in Singapore till date!

Started off as a purely ecommerce site with pop-up stores on and off at interesting areas, Naiise have expanded rapidly in recent years and have stores all over the island of Singapore.

Naiise is known for carrying an extensive collection of local-themed items. Thanks to Naiise, many local labels have a platform to display their creative products and designs.

Shoppers also have a place to find all these local-flavored products and designs.

Tip: This is one good place to hunt for gifts.

 MegafashMegafash logo

Similar to Naiise, Megafash carries an extensive range of interesting items from apparels to lifestyle products.

Megasfash differentiates themselves by bringing in quite a number of indie brands and designs from other Asian countries (i.e. Thailand).

Remember to subscribe to their newsletter for periodic promotions!


amazon_logo_RGBNeeds no introduction, Amazon offers free shipping to Singapore for purchases above $140. Do note to also buy an international adapter if you are buying electrical appliances.

This is one of the best places to read reviews and find similar items to compare.

And yes, you can really find the same item as found in Singapore, but at much cheaper price.

>> Check out Amazon here

So there you have it, the various sites we frequent.

Either to do tactical shopping or just browsing around during our free time.

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Now that you know our favourite sites for online shopping, we would like to hear from you!

Any of these sites you’ve visited when doing your online shopping? Are there any sites you frequent that were not mentioned?

Feel free to leave a comment and share with us and the committee!


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