7 Singapore School Beng’s Fashion Trends in the 90s

Following the great response we received from our previous post here; where we talked about the epic 90s men fashion trend in Singapore, we’ve decided to compile yet another epic list where we talk about school uniform fashion trends back in the 90s.

Whether you came from an elite secondary school or some random neighbourhood school; chances are, you will likely have seen at least one or more of these 90s ‘ah beng’ fashion back then.

Or perhaps, you are guilty of rocking one of these fashion trends!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we resurrect some of these epic fashion trends.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

>> Mensfashion

1) Bags

i) Tiny school bags


One brand stuck right out from the rest – Outdoor!

These small bags were seen carried by small bengs who didn’t bring books home (for obvious reasons). Some lians also carried them while holding the books in their hands.

ii) The Giant zipper bag

Giant Zipper Backpack

This bag is worth mentioning as well.

These ‘act cute’ bags get attention almost everywhere you go and was quite a hit for a couple of years.

iii) Crumpler bags

Image source

This was something that differentiated the financial situation of a student back then, usually classmates with well to do parents or they simply work part time jobs to get these.

iv) BONUS [Orbiang max Ah Beng alert]

Dragon in Chinese Writing

To top off the list of bags, we must include this bonus item: Drawing of dragon or ‘yuan’ on the bag, typically using Liquid paper or marker pens.

We strongly suspect that this is one way ah bengs tried to showcase the talented side of them. (Enough said, we are laughing with tears in our eyes already).

2) Low Ankle Socks

Ok, we must give credit to the bengs for being fashion-forward with the ankle socks.

It’s funny how fashion evolved.

Socks that didn’t cover the ankle were once deemed as ugly and looking ‘stupid’ in school.

We will be the first to admit that we totally judged ankle socks back in the 90s but now we really can’t stand the sight of ankle socks sticking out of slip-ons and loafers.

3) Jean Paul Gaultier wallet

Jean Paul Wallet
Image Source

Oh yes, the iconic black leather with a side metal bar that spells the brand name Jean Paul Gaultier loudly.

Regardless authentic or fake, this epic wallet was everywhere!

Even some of the boys went for the long version (Ah beng alert).

As soon as the boys sat down, it had to be placed on the table or it might just slip out of the pocket.

And to complete the entire look, this wallet must be paired with our next item on the list…

4) Sharp Comb

Orange Sharp comb
Image source

Oh yes, you know what we are talking about.

The orange-yellow comb was a must have!!

Pairing it with the wallet, these were placed in the back pocket with the sharp end sticking out (beng max it is).

5) Hair Gel

Good Look Hair Styling Gel
Image Source

What good does the comb do without the iconic hair gel.

Woooo yes, we can still remember the squishy sound and texture of the gel when our comb interacts with the tube to scoop up the gel.

Until now we have no idea what’s the difference between the colors (transparent pink, green, blue, purple).

Which also bring us to the first trend……..

>> Style

6) Center & Side parting hairstyles

Aaron Kwok
Image source

Think Aaron Kwok and Jimmy Lin in the early 90s and Nicholas Tse in late 90s.

Not just for the ‘bengs‘, this hairstyle was the dream of every Singaporean boy!

Hence why we’ve always hated the discipline master so much for catching and ruining our ‘charming’ hairstyle that took ages to grow and curate.

Thinking back, the boys really put in much effort just to ‘siam’ being caught for long hair.

7) Long Finger Nails

long nails
Image source

3 common trend includes long nails on either of the follow: 1) pinky only, 2) thumb and small finger and 3) all fingers.

We heard these nails came in handy during gang fights while the nail on the pinky helps clear the barrier (if you know what we mean).

8) 360 Hand-swing Walk

This is perhaps the most distinctive style to complete the whole ah beng image.

According to some, the 360 walk boost confidence and sends signal out to not ‘mess with me’.

>> Check out this YouTube video by our very own Noah. Y

Fast forward to 2.45min for the 360 walk demonstration. haha

Tip: the key to a good 360 swing is not how high you swing the hands upwards but how far back you can pull it.


Oh it was so much fun, laughter and tears writing this post (so much memory just came pouring in!).

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What do you think of our list?

How many of these trends can you relate to or have tried?

Did we miss anything?

Feel free to comment and share with the committee yeah.

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