Where To Get Funky Socks in Singapore

If you have read our previous post on the ways to instantly stand out from other male colleagues in the office (the positive way) and was wondering where to get tip number 3 – switch your monotone socks with fun vibrant ones!

This post is dedicated to answer just that.


Guys in Singapore are typically more conservative when it comes to office wear for obvious reasons.

Typically worried about being judged or that they might not be treated as seriously by management or fellow subordinates.

That said, we do see an exponential increase in guys (especially the younger and more fashion forward) wearing these funky socks.

Image credit: Talking Toes

For gentlemen already wearing and rocking these funky socks, you may skip this section and proceed to the list below.

For guys still skeptical, may we suggest to you to take a look at these sites, check out their catalogue and lookbook (if any) and start by trying the ones with darker color and print. You will notice an increase in people using the socks as a conversation starter and compliments will start rolling in. From there you will build confidence to try bolder designs.

It also doesn’t mean you need to have a complete wardrobe makeover where you replace all current socks with the funky ones. Just put on the funky ones on days you feel more casual or know there will not be any ‘serious’ meeting etc.

Worst case, should you still feel weird or uncomfortable wearing it, simply give it away! No big deal.

That said, lets take a look at the list:


1) HappySocks


One of the pioneers of all funky socks, Happysocks is no stranger to anyone who shops anywhere in Singapore. Their display can be found in almost any apparel store in Singapore.

Happysocks was founded in 2008 where their two founders had a vision to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece that combines quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

Happysocks have expanded beyond socks offering underwears, watches, notebooks, wallet and colored pencils in their funky prints.

Not all items can be found in the pop-up displays in Singapore though.

Good news is, they ship worldwide for all orders purchased via their online store!

You can also find their socks on Amazon.

Image credit: Happy Socks

2) Freshly Pressed Socks

freshlypressedA local socks label that designs original patterns that are exclusive to the brand. Their socks are manufactured in Korea using combed cotton in combination with polyester and spandex.

Freshly Pressed Socks have fast expanded their footprint in Singapore and have their products sold in more than 10 stockists in Singapore (Click here to see full stockist list)

Almost all socks are sold at $10 except for prints that are designed under collaboration.

Freshly pressed Socks
Image credit: Freshly Pressed

3) Talking Toes Socks

talking-toes-socks-logoA local socks label that aims to make your day through simple, positive and meaningful quotes that are printed on every pair of their socks.

That way, you can start and end your day on a positive note! How great an idea is that.

Talking Toes also pride ourselves on the quality of socks as well as a wide range of eclectic designs for everyone. Their socks are made out of combed cotton to ensure premium comfort for your toes.

Socks by Talking Toes are available in quite a number of stockists around Singapore. Their vibrant socks are also stocked in San Francisco, Seoul and Yangon (see full list here).

All socks are sold at S$14 per piece.

Image Credit: Talking Toes

4) Loco Patterned Socks

Loco_Socks_logoDesigned and made in Australia, Loco believes that everything and everyone should have their place in the sun and hence decided to create colorful socks with style and quality.

Their socks are produced using combed cotton with a small amount of elastane for stretch and durability. This means it can be worn for years to come!

Although they do offer international shipping, we suggest you guys to get it through Megasfash as somehow the price is cheaper and you save on shipping fees!

Loco Socks

5) Barnaby Socks

barnaby-socks-logoAlso an Australian brand that offers socks subscription plans (or as they call it – Sockscription). Of course, you may choose to order the socks on an ad hoc basis.

Barnaby offers international shipping as well and it’s free of charge for purchases of 3 pieces and above.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.01.58 pm

Barnby Socks
Image credit: Barnaby Socks

>> Bonus

6) The Gentlemen’s Wardrobe 

* This brand is no longer available at Zalora *

Honestly we are not able to find any info about this brand on the Internet but felt we had to share this simply for its design and price.

Socks by The Gentlemen’s Wardobe are sold on Zalora, which means you can get additional savings when Zalora runs promotions on their site (which they do pretty often).

Click here to shop


So there you have it!

Fun_300x250Places to buy funky socks that are sure to bring something new to your wardrobe as well as getting more conversations going.

There are also a number of online shops like Uniqlo, Zalora, ASOS, Etsy and Amazon to get your socks supplies at very reasonable price.

Now you have no excuse to not switch out your monotonous pair with one of these!

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Now that you’ve seen our list, what do you think? Have you tried any of these brands? Are there any brands we missed out that you would like to share with the community?

Let us know in the comment section and we’ll talk soon.

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